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adamawa family houseThe family House is the state Secretariat of a State Chapter, serving as its headquarters in the state chapter. NCCF, Adamawa state chapter family house is refered to as "JESUS EMBASSY" meaning that we are Christ Ambassadors here on earth.

As shown in the Model above, it has in it the chapel, Executives Lodge and a Storey building "Open Heaven". Even though we are Spiritually minded at all times, we engage ourselves in some social activities such as: Hot Seats, Sports(Football, Table Tennis, Badmington and Volley Ball games.), etc.

Aside the Jesus Corper's in Family House, worthy of note are the Lower Brethren; they are: Corper 'Rock', Corper 'Watchman', Corper 'Kayode', Jesus rat etc.
Family House is a place to be and Sincerely not far from the truth, it is a place of discovery.

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